Refugee voices from Refugee Radio

RefugeeRadioRefugee Radio is a Brighton-based charity which aims to raise the voice of refugees and asylum seekers. Refugee Radio broadcast each week on Brighton’s community station Radio Reverb – they also take part in Refugee Week each year.

Some of the interviews are available as items for sharing from this website. You can also listen to the original full programmes on the Refugee Radio website.

~ Mohammed from the Gambia
~ Alex from Iran
~ Sayed
~ BVIE (Brighton Voices in Exile)
Click here to download the audio from our Ning network website (look for ‘Music’ in the menu on the left).

You can also download or listen to the short clip below.
~ Brighton Voices in Exile (MP3 – 5′ 21″)
   Members of BVIE talk about what they feel are the biggest issues facing them as refugees and 
   asylum seekers in the UK today.

If you use any of these items on your not-for-profit radio programme or website, please credit Refugee Radio. Please also let us know so we can add you to the list on our Taking Part page.


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