Anansi and Turtle – story from Nigeria (dramatised)

storyOne of the stories from around the world on the Simple Acts website is Anansi and Turtle, from Nigeria.

It tells how Anansi the spider and Turtle try to outsmart each other and end up being outsmarted themselves.

Dramatised version from Soundart Radio
Click on the link below to listen to this dramatised version of the story from Soundart Radio in Devon. It was adapted and performed by Beowulf (aged 7, who plays Anansi), Artemis (aged 11, who plays Turtle) and Alex (aged 12, who is the Narrator), with music and sound effects by the cast.

~ Click to listen (MP3 – 4′ 20″)
~ Click for the text of the story (pdf)

You are welcome to use this item on your not-for-profit radio programme or website. If you do so, please credit Soundart Radio and the cast. And please let us know, so we can add you to the list of those taking part – and, of course, do also register your action on the Simple Acts website!


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