Refugee Week 2014

Different pasts, shared future
In 2014 Refugee Week runs from Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd June, with events taking place across the country throughout June and even in July.

For details, visit the Refugee Week website.

This year Refugee Week is dedicated to refugee children and the positive contributions they bring (and will go on to bring) to the UK as our future generations. They are the superheroes of our future!

Refugee Week Radio will be listing radio stations and websites which are taking part in Refugee Week. Check these out for audio to share – and let us know your details to be included in the list.

Check out the Platforma website, too, for arts and refugee-related events and news throughout the year.


Stories from around the world

tellingtalesTell a child a story from another country…
That’s one of the Simple Acts which you can carry out to help change the way refugees are perceived in the UK.

We are making some of the stories available in audio format from this website. Feel free to use them on your not-for-profit radio programmes or website. Please credit the reader and give out the link to the Simple Acts
Tip: by using the story, you can also sign up on the website to say that you have completed a Simple Act!

Tell storyClick on the links below to listen to the stories. For the text of each story, and others, please visit the Simple Acts website and click on the link.

Readings (all in MP3 format)
~ Hunger and Beard (D. R. Congo) – read by Carla Fernandes (2′ 01″)
~ Why Crocodile Has a Rough Back (Angola) – read by Carla Fernandes (3′ 22″)
~ Baba Yaga (Russia) – read by Philippa Sawyer (MP3 – 6′ 38″)
~ Chapungu (Zimbabwe) – read by Philippa Sawyer (2′ 07″)
~ Great Hunter (Iran) – read by Harriet Bird, from Camden Community Radio (2′ 34″)
~ The Old Alchemist (Burma) – read by Philippa Sawyer (MP3 – 4′ 12″)
~ The Wicked Girl (Turkey) – read by Philippa Sawyer (6′ 50″)

Dramatised stories (all in MP3 format)
~ Great Hunter (Iran) – dramatised
~ Anansi and Turtle (Nigeria) – dramatised

Click here to read all the stories on the Simple Acts website. If you have recorded one of the stories and would like to add it here for sharing, please let us know. We especially welcome readings and dramatisations by children and young people.

Simple Acts – Share a Song

The Simple Acts website has a great selection of actions which people can do to raise awareness of refugees and the contributions which they make to the UK.

Sharing a song about refugees is one action which works well in audio format or on radio. Click here for songs on the Simple Acts website.

For more details and background to the Simple Acts campaign, contact the Simple Acts team at Refugee Week.

Archive: Highlights from Sunday 17th June 2012

There are lots of activities taking place around the country today to get you into the mood for Refugee Week.

In Birmingham – Celebrating Sanctuary: Let’s Do Lunch! takes place at All Saints Church Centre, Birmingham, B14 7RA – a meal open to all

In London, Celebrating Sanctuary takes place on the South Bank from 2pm until 7pm

And there are many more – check the Refugee Week website for details of events near you.

If you can’t get to any of the events, you could join in by listening to some of the programmes available on community and specialist radio across the UK. Click here to see which are taking part in Refugee Week.

NB: Programmes and details are subject to change without notice.

listenc   3.00pm   BCfmVoice of Sudan

listenc   2.00pm   Negat Radio (Embrace UK) on Spectrum Radio Network

listenc  8.00pm   BBC Radio Humberside – Alan Raw presents a special Refugee Week edition of BBC Introducing

listenc  8.00pm   Refugee Radio on Radio Reverb in Brighton

NB: the links may be live before and/or after the actual Refugee Week programmes. Please note also that Refugee Week Radio is not responsible for material broadcast on other radio stations.

Platforma Festival 2011 – interviews

The 2011 Platforma Festival took place in East London in November-December 2011. Check out the Platforma website for details and to read the report.

You can also hear interviews with some of the artists and contributors here – they are available for downloading and can be used in a non-commercial way.

SOAS Radio – Rita’s World – special programme for Refugee Week

Check out this programme from SOAS Radio. Rita Ray, one of the organisers of the Celebrating Sanctuary festival which took place in London last Sunday, presents a Refugee Week special edition of her radio show Rita’s World.

It’s one hour in length and is available for broadcasting on other community radio stations (in a non-profit way, crediting SOAS Radio).

~ Click here for more information and for the link to the audio.

Please let us know if you broadcast this programme on air, thank you.

Interviews from SOAS Radio

Reporters from SOAS Radio were at the Celebrating Sanctuary festival in London last Sunday, where they recorded 21 mini interviews with some of the participants.

These are available for radio stations to use free of charge in a non-profit way, crediting SOAS Radio.

The interviewees include
~ Donna Covey, CEO Refugee Council UK
~ Camilla Jelbart, Campaigns and Communications Manager at Freedom from Torture
as well as a number of musicians who performed at Celebrating Sanctuary including:
~ Krar Collective, Ethiopian band
~ Kerieva, a contemporary Romani musician and activist
~ Woven Gold, a choir made up of refugees of all ages
~ Danto Aya, an up and coming Tuareg musician
and many more.

Click here for more information and for links to all the interviews.
Do please let us know if you use any of them on air.