Stories from around the world

tellingtalesTell a child a story from another country…
That’s one of the Simple Acts which you can carry out to help change the way refugees are perceived in the UK.

We are making some of the stories available in audio format from this website. Feel free to use them on your not-for-profit radio programmes or website. Please credit the reader and give out the link to the Simple Acts
Tip: by using the story, you can also sign up on the website to say that you have completed a Simple Act!

Tell storyClick on the links below to listen to the stories. For the text of each story, and others, please visit the Simple Acts website and click on the link.

Readings (all in MP3 format)
~ Hunger and Beard (D. R. Congo) – read by Carla Fernandes (2′ 01″)
~ Why Crocodile Has a Rough Back (Angola) – read by Carla Fernandes (3′ 22″)
~ Baba Yaga (Russia) – read by Philippa Sawyer (MP3 – 6′ 38″)
~ Chapungu (Zimbabwe) – read by Philippa Sawyer (2′ 07″)
~ Great Hunter (Iran) – read by Harriet Bird, from Camden Community Radio (2′ 34″)
~ The Old Alchemist (Burma) – read by Philippa Sawyer (MP3 – 4′ 12″)
~ The Wicked Girl (Turkey) – read by Philippa Sawyer (6′ 50″)

Dramatised stories (all in MP3 format)
~ Great Hunter (Iran) – dramatised
~ Anansi and Turtle (Nigeria) – dramatised

Click here to read all the stories on the Simple Acts website. If you have recorded one of the stories and would like to add it here for sharing, please let us know. We especially welcome readings and dramatisations by children and young people.


Simple Acts – Share a Song

The Simple Acts website has a great selection of actions which people can do to raise awareness of refugees and the contributions which they make to the UK.

Sharing a song about refugees is one action which works well in audio format or on radio. Click here for songs on the Simple Acts website.

For more details and background to the Simple Acts campaign, contact the Simple Acts team at Refugee Week.

Thank you – keep in touch….

Refugee Week may be over but the activities go on – click here for the Refugee Week website.

You could also join Platforma Arts and Refugees Network or take part in the Simple Acts campaign.

And on this website you can continue to listen to some of the audio and find links to the radio stations which took part.

Meanwhile, thank you – keep in touch…

Refugee Week 2011 – jingles

Here are some jingles for Refugee Week 2011 which you may use on your radio station (in a non-profit way). Please credit the contributors and note/report the music details. If you also let us know if you use any of them, we’ll add you to the list of participating stations.

Click on the links to play or download. All the jingles are in MP3 format.
More to follow shortly.

Set A
~ Jingle 1 – This Is Refugee Week (0′ 07″)
~ Jingle 2 – This Is Refugee Week (0′ 14″)
~ Jingle 3 – Celebrate Refugee Week (0′ 12″)
~ Jingle 4 – Celebrate Refugee Week (0′ 18″”)
~ Jingle 5 – Simple Acts campaign (0′ 20″)
Set A were voiced and produced by Carla Fernandes.
Music: Publisher: Freenotes Music; Composer: Maurice Cheetham, Steve England; Track: “Counting Down”

Set B
~ Jingle 1a – This is Refugee Week – female voice (0′ 06″)
~ Jingle 1b – This is Refugee Week – male voice (0′ 06″)
~ Jingle 2a – This is Refugee Week – female voice (0′ 10″)
~ Jingle 2b – This is Refugee Week – male voice (0′ 10″)
~ Jingle 3a – Celebrate Refugee Week – female voice (0′ 10″)
~ Jingle 3b – Celebrate Refugee Week – male (0′ 10″)
Jingle 4a – Celebrate Refugee Week – female voice (0′ 19″)
~ Jingle 4b – Celebrate Refugee Week – male voice (0′ 19″)
Set B were voiced by Davinia Dillon (female).and Conor Hughes (male) and produced by Simon Catt.
Music: Publisher: Freenotes Music; Composer: James Harrington, Steve England; Track: “Long Summer”

Interview with Almir Koldzic, Head of Partnership for Arts and Refugees

SAAlmir Koldzic has been working with Refugee Week since 2005, as Refugee Week UK Co-ordinator. From this year, he is Head of Partnership for Arts and Refugees, which is the new name for Refugee Week UK. The partnership includes Refugee Week, the Simple Acts campaign and the new Platforma Arts and Refugees Network.

As part of Refugee Week Radio 2011, SOAS Radio have recorded an interview with Almir. This is split into four short sections – radio stations may use any of these (in a non-profit way) without charge, as long as they credit SOAS Radio. Click on the links below to go to each section.

~ Almir Koldzic – What is refugee week? (MP3 – 3′ 10″)
~ Almir Koldzic – Why is refugee week important? (MP3 – 1′ 10″)
~ What is Celebrating Sanctuary Festival in London? (MP3 – 1′ 54″)
~ Almir Koldzic – What is the Simple Acts campaign? (MP3 – 1′ 57″)

If you do use any of the clips, please let us know and we will add your station to the list of those taking part in Refugee Week 2011.

You can also find all the Refugee Week 2011 material from SOAS Radio on this special page on their website – all items are available for radio stations to download and broadcast in a non-profit way, without charge, giving credit to SOAS Radio.

Thursday 17th June 2010

On air today we have programmes and items from Norwich, Somerset, Devon and London.

resonancelisten   1-2pm Talking Africa on Resonance FM in London
A show for Africans living in the UK and for English/British audiences with an interest in African issues. With news, information and music, plus discussion of issues about Africa, specifically its development agenda. Presented by Sonny Decker and produced by Jane Whyatt

10listenb   6-8pm Folk, Roots & Branches Refugee Week Special on 10 Radio in Somerset

listen   6.30pm Food to Share on Soundart Radio in Devon (repeated from Monday)

listenc   8pm Future Radio in Norwich: Lydia Martin talks with the writer and poet Chenjerai Hove, who spoke at the launch of Refugee Week 2009 (from Platform, presented by Stash Kirkbride)

SAlisten   8.15pm Almir Koldzic and Gerdy Rees, from the Refugee Week team, talk to Cathy Aitchison about Refugee Week 2010 and the ongoing Simple Acts campaign

listen   8.30pm Andrea Rangecroft reports on Project: London, a project from
Doctors of the World UK which provides information, advice and support for vulnerable people in London (first broadcast on Resonance FM)

NB: the links may be live before and/or after the actual Refugee Week programmes. Please note also that Refugee Week Radio is not responsible for material broadcast on other radio stations.

Food to share

soundartListen to some delicious recipes and learn about food in different countries!

Soundart Radio in Devon participated in a series of free workshops for community groups as part of Well UK’s ‘Swingdoor’ programme funded by the Learning Transformation Fund.

This gave the station an opportunity to work with some really interesting people, producing exciting new material for broadcast. One of the workshops took place at TR2, the production and education centre at Theatre Royal Plymouth.

Each member of Dovetales, a social group for refugees, brought along beautiful food to share with the group. Before eating, participants interviewed one another about their dishes: how it was prepared, when it would traditionally be eaten, who taught them the recipe.

The full radio programme produced from these recordings will be played on Soundart Radio (102.5 FM and online) and simulcast via this website as part of Refugee Week Radio on Monday 14th June (2pm) and Thursday 17th June (6.30pm).

Click on the links below for a taster:

~ A recipe with chickpeas, oil and tahini, which is ‘a little bit naughty’ for us inactive people in the UK, but very sustaining for shepherds working outdoors all day who need the energy (MP3 – 2′ 20″)

~ Jamaican food, including jerk chicken and polenta with flour (MP3 – 1′ 56″)

~ Jocelyn and Asha compare notes on food in Cameroon and Uganda . In their countries, if a woman can’t cook the local dishes, she’ll have difficulty finding a husband… (MP3 – 7′ 33″)

Click here for our Timetable with links to listen to the programme in full on Monday or Thursday – or go direct to Soundart Radio’s website for more information and listening link.