Audio items

You are welcome to use items from this website in your programmes on a non-profit basis. Please credit as indicated. If the date is not given, they are from 2010 or later.

Feel free also to add items for others to share. Either send a link to the online audio or get in touch to discuss details. 
~ For audio up to 5 minutes long, you could load your item on to AudioBoo, then send us the link details.
~ For longer items, you could use Soundcloud, then send the link details.

Recent and timeless items
~ The Truth About Asylum – documentary from Your Preston FM
~ Camden Community Radio – What’s On Refugee Week edition
~ Asylum Dialogues – recorded by BCB Radio in Bradford
~ Refugee Week 2011 – jingles
~ Interview with Almir Koldzic, Head of Partnership for Arts and Refugees (produced by SOAS Radio)
~ Interview with Tom Green, Platforma Arts and Refugees Network
~ Fighting homophobia – interview with Arshan Parsi, from IRQR (from South Leeds Community Radio)
~ Working to stop female genital mutilation (FGM) in Kenya, Somalia and London (from Camden Community Radio)
~ Say a few things in a new language
~ Acton African Well Woman Centre (supporting women affected by female genital mutilation)
~ Refugee voices from Refugee Radio – including members of Brighton Voices in Exile
~ Project: London – helping vulnerable people access healthcare services (2010)

Simple Acts – stories from around the world
(Tell a child a story from another country)
~ Stories from around the world – Readings of stories from Russia, Zimbabwe, Iran, Burma, Turkey, Angola, D.R. Congo
~ Great Hunter – story from Iran (dramatised)
~ Anansi and Turtle – story from Nigeria (dramatised)

Archive interviews and features
~ Interview with Almir Koldzic and Gerdy Rees, Refugee Week (2010)
~ Seeking to Remain – feature by Emma Golby-Kirk, Bournemouth University (June 2009)

You can also click here to view audio items by topic.


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