Stories from around the world

tellingtalesTell a child a story from another country…
That’s one of the Simple Acts which you can carry out to help change the way refugees are perceived in the UK.

We are making some of the stories available in audio format from this website. Feel free to use them on your not-for-profit radio programmes or website. Please credit the reader and give out the link to the Simple Acts
Tip: by using the story, you can also sign up on the website to say that you have completed a Simple Act!

Tell storyClick on the links below to listen to the stories. For the text of each story, and others, please visit the Simple Acts website and click on the link.

Readings (all in MP3 format)
~ Hunger and Beard (D. R. Congo) – read by Carla Fernandes (2′ 01″)
~ Why Crocodile Has a Rough Back (Angola) – read by Carla Fernandes (3′ 22″)
~ Baba Yaga (Russia) – read by Philippa Sawyer (MP3 – 6′ 38″)
~ Chapungu (Zimbabwe) – read by Philippa Sawyer (2′ 07″)
~ Great Hunter (Iran) – read by Harriet Bird, from Camden Community Radio (2′ 34″)
~ The Old Alchemist (Burma) – read by Philippa Sawyer (MP3 – 4′ 12″)
~ The Wicked Girl (Turkey) – read by Philippa Sawyer (6′ 50″)

Dramatised stories (all in MP3 format)
~ Great Hunter (Iran) – dramatised
~ Anansi and Turtle (Nigeria) – dramatised

Click here to read all the stories on the Simple Acts website. If you have recorded one of the stories and would like to add it here for sharing, please let us know. We especially welcome readings and dramatisations by children and young people.


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