Refugee Week 2014

Different pasts, shared future
In 2014 Refugee Week runs from Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd June, with events taking place across the country throughout June and even in July.

For details, visit the Refugee Week website.

This year Refugee Week is dedicated to refugee children and the positive contributions they bring (and will go on to bring) to the UK as our future generations. They are the superheroes of our future!

Refugee Week Radio will be listing radio stations and websites which are taking part in Refugee Week. Check these out for audio to share – and let us know your details to be included in the list.

Check out the Platforma website, too, for arts and refugee-related events and news throughout the year.


Platforma Festival 2011 – interviews

The 2011 Platforma Festival took place in East London in November-December 2011. Check out the Platforma website for details and to read the report.

You can also hear interviews with some of the artists and contributors here – they are available for downloading and can be used in a non-commercial way.

Thank you – keep in touch….

Refugee Week may be over but the activities go on – click here for the Refugee Week website.

You could also join Platforma Arts and Refugees Network or take part in the Simple Acts campaign.

And on this website you can continue to listen to some of the audio and find links to the radio stations which took part.

Meanwhile, thank you – keep in touch…

Wednesday 22nd June 2011

Check out the Refugee Week Events Calendar to find out what is happening around the country today.

On air today we have programmes from Norwich, Peterborough, Bradford, Exeter and London
NB: Programmes and details are subject to change without notice.

listenc  10am   Community Chest on Future Radio in Norwich
With Mike Stonard. Jan reports from the Refugee Week launch and Mike talks to Dee Robinson, from New Routes, and a member of the refugee community, about New Routes’ work and a book Children’s Stories from Around the World, which has been published

pborofmlistenc 10.00am The Daily Brunch on Peterborough FM in Peterborough
With Refugee Week guests and interviews

listenc  4.00pm  Drive Time on BCB Radio in Bradford
With Refugee Week reports.

listenc   4.00pm   The Multifarious Mix on Phonic FM in Exeter
Martin Hodge and guest presenters with a mix of global and local music and talk on a wide range of topics.

listenb   4.00pm   Jayson Mansaray on 91.8 Hayes FM in West London
With Refugee Week reports and interviews between 5pm and 6pm

NB: the links may be live before and/or after the actual Refugee Week programmes. Please note also that Refugee Week Radio is not responsible for material broadcast on other radio stations.

Interview with Almir Koldzic, Head of Partnership for Arts and Refugees

SAAlmir Koldzic has been working with Refugee Week since 2005, as Refugee Week UK Co-ordinator. From this year, he is Head of Partnership for Arts and Refugees, which is the new name for Refugee Week UK. The partnership includes Refugee Week, the Simple Acts campaign and the new Platforma Arts and Refugees Network.

As part of Refugee Week Radio 2011, SOAS Radio have recorded an interview with Almir. This is split into four short sections – radio stations may use any of these (in a non-profit way) without charge, as long as they credit SOAS Radio. Click on the links below to go to each section.

~ Almir Koldzic – What is refugee week? (MP3 – 3′ 10″)
~ Almir Koldzic – Why is refugee week important? (MP3 – 1′ 10″)
~ What is Celebrating Sanctuary Festival in London? (MP3 – 1′ 54″)
~ Almir Koldzic – What is the Simple Acts campaign? (MP3 – 1′ 57″)

If you do use any of the clips, please let us know and we will add your station to the list of those taking part in Refugee Week 2011.

You can also find all the Refugee Week 2011 material from SOAS Radio on this special page on their website – all items are available for radio stations to download and broadcast in a non-profit way, without charge, giving credit to SOAS Radio.

Interview with Tom Green, Platforma Arts + Refugees Network

Tom Green is the co-ordinator of Platforma, the new network for refugee related arts across the UK. Platforma is run in partnership between Refugee Week UK and Oval House Theatre and is supported by The Baring Foundation and Arts Council England.

In this interview Tom talks to Cathy Aitchison about the network, how it came about and
plans for future activities.
~ Tom Green, Platforma – main interview (MP3 – 5′ 59″)

In the second section of the interview he gives more details about the funding of Platforma.
~ Tom Green – funding of Platforma (MP3 – 1’05”)

For more information, please visit the Platforma website – or find them on Facebook at


New for this year is Platforma arts and refugees network, which is about supporting, developing and mainstreaming refugee related arts.

Launched in January 2011, Platforma is free to join and brings together groups and individuals who are developing refugee related arts. It is supported by Arts Council England and The Baring Foundation.